Sunday, April 15, 2018

Camino Portuguese - Day 3 - Santarém (dinner)

Almost everyone was here (the girl from HKG and the Danish guy), except the 2 Italian girls and the two Canadians. They stayed somewhere else but made a trip to our N1 hostel. Migel the guy who gave me the flyer today dropped by during dinner to say hi. His family's wine is 16 percent alcohol, almost like Port but without the fortification. Must say that the Canadians have so much solidarity spirit as they also drop by to say hi although not eating with us. Ryan, the Danish guy left the abigo yesterday morning at 4 am because he couldn't sleep well. Can't imagine him walking with a headlamp. I told him that although he want to enjoy the spirit of the camino, if sleep gets too much in the way it's okay to pay for a single room at the hostel/hotel. A person's well being is more important.
No pictures of food until today because I was so hungry the previous evenings and to late to take any pictures. For 10 euros the food here is way better than on the caminos in Spain, and not only just for the price. Soup, sangria, wine, meatloaf with veg/rice, ice cream/chocolate tart, coffee, water. All that for only 10 euros.

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