Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Camino Portuguese - Day 5 - Tomar

Another 30 plus km day. Misty morning again but the rain was gone today and maybe tomorrow. Hot enough that by the afternoon I am walking with only one layer on top. I hope it stays that way. Today on the road the Italian girls Carolina and Lucia, Ricardo from Catalan, Ryan and me (non-Fatima group). Walked all the way with Ryan. He is crazy but in a funny way. Like when he tried to bargain with the guest house reception on the price as a joke.
Ricardo has the nickname now and he is the turtle. We are all the rabbits. He always the first to leave in the morning but his pace is very slow. Also he doesn't stop for coffee or food. We always catch up to him but falls behind again when we found a cafe. And everyday he is always first to arrive like in the turtle and the hare story. 70 percent road walking today.
In the morning Ricardo mentioned he booked ahead for his accommodation in Tomar. With 8 caminos under his belt it worries me when an expert like him does that. The intended hostel is 15 euros with breakfast, a great deal for a historical city like Tomar. My fears was confirmed when me Ryan and me arrived at 5 pm and place full. At least we were told there are two other pensions along the main street with a good view of the castle. One is closed for renovation and the other is 40 euros for a double with breakfast at 8:30 am. Ryan and me shared the double room but not before he started to bargain as a joke. Even as a joke he can be embarrassing (for me, not him) like that. The Italian girls booked a double room 2 streets away for 35 euros. The advantage of staying on the main street is worth the extra 5 euros.
After a quick provision shopping for tomorrow's walk we had an excellent dinner at a place with a smiling lady attending to us. No menu but with soup, main course and coffee around 12 euros.
Tomorrow is going to another long day especially when breakfast is at 8:30 am. C'est la vie...
Foot is slightly better slowly getting adjusted to the new shoes but the area above my ankles were swollen and a bit painful at the end of the day. Managed to get vaseline at the household stores (pharmacy would be more expensive for sometime as basic as this). Felt better now. Hopefully the swelling will be gone by the morning.
Tomar is a Templars city (like Ponferrada on the Camino Frances). This being Portugal, one can expect a mosaic tiles of the Templars' cross on the streets.
Wish I can stay longer here, but like any camino, the purpose is to keep moving on....

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