Friday, April 20, 2018

Camino Portuguese - Day 8 - Coimbra

30 km or 31 km? Excellent weather for walking. Sun, some clouds and gentle breeze along villages, people working on their small plot of land, streams. Underwater plants swaying with the currents and their flowers rising just above the waterline. Amazing....
Two stops for coffee before Coimbra. Weaving under and over the highway visiting more small villages. Before Coimbra an aqueduct (looks medieval, not Roman).
Finally, after a couple of up and down, a panoramic view of the city of Coimbra. A beautiful city and also a university town. The albergue, run by the Convent of Santa Clara (8 euros) is on my way down to the river, still very high up the hill.
With Ricardo ahead of the pack and usual social media it is easier for pilgrims to coordinate cheap/good pilgrim friendly lodging, even though I would have splurge after the last 3 days of over 30 km. Typical camino, in just a few days and we are already a family. Ricardo arrived first, Carolina directs Ricardo to book the lodgings, and when I arrive at the river bridge, Ricardo was already there to lead me to the hostel. What service! 😁
4 pm and both of us are ready for our showers. Everything perfect again. They have those showers that can also shoot water sideways for a back massage. Cool...
12 euros, nice tiles, sheets (no towel, cost extra), best of all very central with a great view of the other side (where we came down). With sheets I don't have to take out the sleeping bag. With precise coordination, all 5 of us ended in the same room. The Italian ladies came in next after an hour and finally Julie half hour after. Ryan, as usual walked very early and was here much early coincidentally also in the same hostel. Not much  communications with him. Maybe he just want some 'me time'. We had dinner up the street with a nice view of the river. Another great menu for 11 euros.
Some blister management for Julie and Carolina.
Tomorrow will be an easy day just 25 km and flat, I hope...

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