Sunday, April 8, 2018

Camino Portuguese - Packing

Another day to go, time to start packing. This is also for the benefit of someone who is going on his Camino for the first time.

Caveat: This is just for me. Enough for a whole month or more. The packing is mainly for my Spring or Autumn weather (winter will be heavier). Anything else I require I can buy along the way. It varies for different people. But the principle stays the same. Every extra kg you carry, it will be a tax on your physical body.

Anything you don't use every day or every other day should be considered dead weight, but that doesn't mean you should bring your hair-dryer, hehehehe.

This is excluding the shirt, pants, shoes, socks that I will be wearing.

1. First Pic (down and anti-clockwise)

45 liter backpack, light fleece-lined sleeping bag, small towel (switched back to cotton, microfiber tends to stick to my skin), basic poncho (when it rains, I don't worry about the lower half of my body), 1 quick dry pants and 2 quick dry shirts, underwears and socks, Crocks (for the showers, evening comfy wear, or in extreme rain), 1-liter bottle, lightweight fleece jacket (for cold evening) and lightweight yellow parka (wind and also extra layer if required).

2.  Second Pic (bottom to top)

Toiletries (notably a couple of cloth pegs inside - to hang socks/underwear), waist pouch, wallet and documents (minus the credencial which I will be getting in Lisbon), buff (warm the neck, protect from sun, etc), small stuff like pen, reading glasses (yes, I am already old), small bottle of medicated oil, retractable phone charger (have to use the phone to take the picture) and headphones (double up as ear plugs), lighter, sunscreen, 500 ml bottle, 2 tissue packs, 5 packs of instant coffee (for the morning in places without much facilities), hat.

3. Third pic

Only 3 quarters full, no need to checked-in the backpack, no walking poles (light enough I don't need them for inclines).
Total dry weight (without water/food)... 5.5 kg.
Fully loaded shouldn't pass 7.5 kg.

Missing: Inflatable neck pillow (optional, mainly for the long flight)... wonder where I left it....