Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Camino Mosel - Day 0 - Koblenz

Arrived in Frankfurt and an early train to Koblenz. The train after Mainz starts to move along the Rhine river, also passing Lorelei. The Mosel river from Koblenz is a tributary of the Rhine and this Camino will end in Trier.
I have to wait for till 3 pm for the code for the apartment to get in so unfortunately have to wander around the Koblenz with the backpack. Found the camino marker (apparently one of the two alternate path) of the Camino out of the city. 5 km south of the city at the castle Stolzenfels is the official start point for this Camino (go figure).
There at the castle I was told from 9 am tomorrow I can get my kredenza (credencial) for this Camino. If they are closed then I was told I can get it at the tourist office in Alken, the stopping point for the first day (another 19 km).
Prepaid data sim (checked), some provision from the supermarket to carry for tomorrow (checked). Just waiting for the room, a nice dinner.... and sleep before tomorrow's walk.

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