Friday, September 27, 2019

Camino Mosel - Day 1 - Alken

Left at 7:30 in the morning from the old city in Koblenz and walked what would be 7.5 km to Stolzenfels, arriving exactly 9:10 am to find the opening at 10 am. So the info I got from the pilgrim assocation here wasn't too accurate. After a quick break decided to continue and get the credencial from Alken tourist office (today's stopping point) instead. Besides, it has started to rain (more like a drizzle), and I see no point hanging around until 10 am.
The good thing about the thicker canopy from the trees here is that I don't get very wet when it's drizzling compared with being in the open. Surprisingly until the end of today's walk I didn't even need to use the poncho. Hope it does not get worse than this the next few days.
The waymarkings is really good (German efficiency). Not pasted anywhere but strategically when you need it. Some arrows are on top of what look like bird feeder (probably not as the hole are too small).
Someone put a statue of a hunter looking on his bino for his prey.
No places to stop until Alken, just self stop when I find park benches for energy bars, banana, nuts....
A steep climb even after Castle Stolzenfels, then taper out and was more manageable until Alken when there is a very steep descent with guiding ropes in some places. Castle on top, vineyard along the steep slopes and the Mosel river below. The white grapes (few small bunches here and there) so I am not sure if the majority were already harvested. I snuck a couple in my mouth (thief!) and they tasted very sweet. Suddenly my mind wandered to a very typical autumn/winter drink.... (hot Glühwein!)
This small town is touristy. At the tourist office I finally got my credencial, 4 euros and self filled so I supposed they don't take statistics on the Jakobsweg (Camino) here. Since I was there I ask the tourist office if there are any albergue or cheap lodgings. She called and got me a pension (apparently many pensions here besides hotels). Phrew.
22 euros with breakfast (8 am), not albergue but darn cheap for a pension... in Germany. The old man of the house Klein showed me quite a big room (shared toilet). But no wifi (internet) though. He looks the type that doesn't even use the internet. 😣.
So today's walk, 24 km door to door. Not a bad distance for the first day. With a Fitbit wearable this time and the app, I am getting way more information than I need .... Besides the distance and track via gps, over 30k steps, 180+ floors climb, my heart rate data, active minutes... etc, if it even means anything.😄
Maybe from the cool wind and/or the wetness, I was hungry but couldn't eat then, so I had a soup instead at the cafe (nice decor)....and coffee (oh how I miss the coffee in Spain, Portugal, Italy)...and also an apple tart (just because it's Germany and everyone around seems to be eating desserts).
Later I would need a hearty dinner. Tomorrow looking good, short distance and looking like more chances of passing through small towns (with cafe?) 🤔 🤞

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