Sunday, September 29, 2019

Camino Mosel - Day 3 - Bullay

The longest daily distance I think for this camino at 27 km, I clocked 30 km to the tourist office (also a travel office) but it was closed on Saturday afternoon. A setback to my daily tourist office plan, foiled by this thing called the weekend. 😬
Plan B, looked around and the only other place I can find that doesn't cost an arm is the cake cafe guest house. 10 euros more than yesterday but at least I have a room with an attached bathroom. Plus they have breakfast buffet also available also for the public for 9.90 euro. So as a guest I think I am going enjoy very much the breakfast tomorrow. I am getting spoiled by hearty German breakfast. I am slowly settling into a pattern here, big breakfast, sneak out a sandwich lunch for the walk, and a light meal for dinner. That and lots of desserts. 😆
Cake cafes are everywhere.
Back to the walking. Basically up and along the forest and fields and down to Beilstein before the day's midpoint, with Castle at Beilstein in view. Too bad the route didn't go up and through the castle. Instead it was up again and over a km on the road (not good) before cutting into the trails. The stack of stone piles (a camino tradition) was a surprise prompting me to add one more. Lots of mushroom today, some already burst like in Aliens to spread its spores.
10 km later two up and down to Bullay means three spikes in total today for only two encounters with the river.😕
Have already got used to climbing first thing after breakfast every day (like Camino Norte, the same for coast, the same for river).
Quick check on wiki and found that the Rhineland-Palatinate are mostly Catholic, which explains the many religious statues or motif in this mainly Protestant country.
So nice to be walking among the trees, occasionally with squirrel here and there (to fast for pic), similar to rabbits in Spain. 😁

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