Monday, September 30, 2019

Camino Mosel - Day 4 - Traben-Trarbach

23 km (clocked 23.5 km) and three climbs again today.
A sumptuous breakfast buffet, biggest I've seen here. As usual after crossing the bridge from Bullay, it's uphill straight away, while I try to keep my breakfast from coming out of me after reaching the top of Marienburg. Then it is downhill again and crossing the bridge over to Zell. I like Zell, with lots of eating establishments and local activities. Would be nice to stay here but that would add another 6.5 km to yesterday's distance.
After that it is another steep climb up with a beautiful panoromic view of the hairpin river. The Mosel meander so much that there are just too many hairpin turns. Even if one would to walk along the river (probably not possible for some areas), it would be about 3 times the travel distance. After the view still more climbing. By then (2 climbs) I no longer need to keep the breakfast in as they are mostly gone. 😁
My favorite part is to walk along the forest and the green. Then it is down to Enkirch and almost immediately up again for the third time today. In between I met a German lady walking the other way to Koblenz from today. Either she stays in Traben-Trarbach or at least her car is there. Another Dutch couple also hiking for a few days. There is a Moselsteig hiking trail that shares the camino path here and there. The third climb didn't get me to the top but skirt along the ridge line near the top. Thay only meant many narrow up/down, making walking tougher. Finally a steep down to Traben-Trarbach, which is the smaller part as the town as the bigger part of town is across the bridge. Not sure if where I am now is Traben or Trarbach, probably Traben as it looks older judging from the buildings.
As already researched yesterday, there are only 3 stars hotel and above here on this side. Tried to find guest house but with no luck. Plan B is now the pilgrim lodging run by a Latin school (as in the language) besides the church just off the camino route.
27 euros with breakfast. Turns out I am the only one. Nine beds plus two more in the upper loft and only one person. 😮
It's cold. It's an old building so there is no heating. 😳
There are bedsheets, blanket and towels. Seems like there is no need to bring our own towels or sleeping on German Caminos. If I had known that earlier it would have slice a kg off my carrying oad. 😬

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