Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Camino Mosel - Day 6 - Klüsserath

Short 18 km (20 km clocked). The weather looks more menacing today. 8.2 km later got into Klausen. The church here is the second after St. Matthias in Trier for local pilgrimages. Because of that there is a pilgrim lodge. Why did they do it in the middle of the stage? If I've known earlier I would havr walked the extra distance here. Anyway moving on and it started to rain when I was in the open fields. Finally I have to take out the poncho for the first time, then again for only 10 minutes when it stopped and I got into the woods. There are many rest spot along the way for people with tents, this one even has a fireplace in the middle. After that the trail diverted from the usual route, even backtrack a little. Found out later that rather than just go down into Klüsserath, this detour present a panoramic view.
Klüsserath seems like a working town. Lots of grape processing. The information office was closed and from the billboard of the town got myself a gästezimmer/weinstube run by an old couple. The only place to eat here is a pizza place and a restaurant servicing the trailer park. The former is closed on Tuesday and the latter just closed. 😮
Ask the couple for option and the husband drove me down the street to a small restaurant that wasn't in the listing. Phrew...
The people on the next table were eating what look like pizza. I've seen that in the past few days and wonder what it was. It's called flammkuchen, apparently a local dish here. The crust is very thin and the cheese are creamier.
Beginning to enjoy this pattern as the daily distance are short. Shower, breakfast, walk, lunch snack, walk again, arrive around 2 pm, shower, siesta, dinner, rinse and repeat.... 

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