Thursday, October 3, 2019

Camino Mosel - Day 7 - Trier

Clocked 35 km. Basically did 2 stages today. Today's stage is supposed to be only to Schweich, just 15 km (14 km clocked). From Schweich tomorrow's stage is 22 km (21 km clocked) to the Church of St. Matthias (St. Matthew) in Trier where this Camino ends. I decided to just keep going since 15 km is really a short distance as I was already in Schweich at 11:20 am!
So after a sandwich and coffee in Schweich I push on, invigorated by the coffee. But not long after after Schweich I saw the Trier city sign, which meams the towns  from now are all suburbs of Trier. Plus big highways can be spotted from the hills, still good walking in the hills but the towns are getting more urban. Decided to switch mode and finish as fast as I can, just push further, maybe next town (no potential lodging here), how about a bit further, and before I know it at 35 km I finally arrive at the Church of St. Matthias around 3:40 pm 😲
The end point is all the way in the south of the city, not traversing through the city but walking along the river's edge, pass the Roman bridge, and finally a left turn to the church. Got the final stamp from the church's souvenir shop and found that they don't offer a place to stay (unlike the info on the internet). 😬
The man there printed directions for a hostel in the center Altstadt (old city). That's another additonal 2.5 km from Trier south to the center for this already dead tired walker. I must have gone up at least 5 hills today getting here.
The hostel in the old city is a perfect location though and very central, Porta Nigra, the statue of Karl Marx, food, shops, etc  I'll write an epilogue on this blog tomorrow. Now able to rest (today's the longest distance for me on this Camino by combining 2 stages).
This is the end of the Mosel Camino. About 160 + km. From here it's about another 2000 + km to Santiago de Compostela if one is up to it? Nah.. 

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